VISION Established in 2010, Bhanu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. envisages to become a trusted and long term business partner for its clients. Its mission is to give its best efforts with endless passion and challenging spirit to become the best in every way. The team of BHANU is committed to the enhancement of customer satisfaction through strict quality control and quality assurance.
INFRASTRUCTURE Bhanu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has a state-of-the-art plant equipped with all modern facilities, which is situated in the northern part of India at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. All its manufacturing facilities comply with W.H.O. guidelines. All the manufacturing is carried out under aseptic conditions and is regularly monitored. The ultimate quality of water is assured, for this the water is first passed through water softener, then through R.O. and finally through multi column distillation plant. Before filling, the water is passed through a three stage cartridge filter and then finally through 0.2 micron membrane filter. The entire area is controlled by efficient HV AC system and is regularly validated. Terminal sterilization is carried out by a Super Heated Water Spray Sterilizer. It assures a 100% leak detection by vacuum leak check apparatus and a 100% visual inspection for every process.
QUALITY CONTROL Bhanu makes sure that all comprehensive quality control is maintained at every stage of manufacturing. Each level is monitored to keep the environment sterile. Such a state is achieved by implementing rigorous quality control measures at every stage. The company strives to consistently improve its facilities, its internal policies, and procedures in order to maintain quality standards that meet and exceed customers' expectations. It has an in-house Quality Control laboratory that is staffed by a qualified and experienced team. It is well equipped with latest analytical instruments as well as sophisticated microbiological testing facilities to ensure the highest levels of pharmaceutical quality and purity.
QUALITY ASSURANCE Bhanu has a very well experienced quality assurance staff. The raw material which is used is by it is absolutely virgin and is of pharma grade. To maintain the hygienic environment, the company has also setup complete aseptic conditions. All of these quality efforts are a part of Bhanu's commitment to ensuring that every product which comes off its production lines meets the most exact international standards.